photo: bill hebert

So, this week’s theme–being pulled in several directions.  Met with part of my dissertation committee yesterday. First draft of abstract: check. Danny is in Cold Spring Harbor at a conference so I’m singling it with children until Friday to judo and swimming and piano and violin and guitar and drums and ballet. I am going to try to get to ballet myself these next days (for sanity). Also attended my first Thinking Dance meeting last night. So many people who enjoy words and movement: I was floored. Should be fascinating meeting once a month–being expected to write reviews–discussing dance with different-backgrounded persons (comp lit, anthro, theater, ballet, tango, postmodern, etc.). Some of them even have children. And Julie Diana (married to Zach Hench, old friend of Taryn) was there. Need to say hey to her.

This weekend a seminar with Elizabeth Zimmer: she calls it a “kamikaze workshop” so I expect a fair amount of brutality and the relief that comes from surviving the blunt. Then the book launch Sunday at L’Etage. Jessica Warchal-King has graciously been learning a tiny movement study to perform mid-sleight. I am hoping for serendipity. Unexpectedly, I have already found some.