SLEIGHT Talk/Reviews

Below are some places you can find talk of Sleight:

Paul Gilbert (whose Sovereign Hand I’ll be reading) puts me in good company at anarko democratus.

Andria at the military spouses book review is very kind.

Love from Jed Rasula at Attention Span.

Scroll down for Maureen Kincaid Speller’s thoughts at the Weird Fiction Review.

Audiobook action — with love for Adam Verner!

A vivisection of Sleight thanks to Steve Himmer.

Kristen Park’s review in Bombay Gin.

A review from the Philadelphia Inquirer by Alison Barker.

At thINKing DANCE… Beau Hancock dips a foot in.

At letters and sodas

A call for Sleight, only hold the sleight, from Amelia Atlas at Barnes & Noble.

A review preview at Bombay Gin… Kristen Park, posting.

At Whatever… John Scalzi’s blog.

In Kirkus.

In an interview with Cheryl Strayed on The Rumpus.

Mentioned by Jeff Trachtenberg in the Wall Street Journal.

Excerpt discussed by Blake Butler, here.

By Zack Kopp at The Denver Examiner.

By Alyse Bensel at New Pages.

On the Lit Mat at the Magazine of Yoga.

At Tyrus.

Talking with Tori Telfer at Cicada (big sister of kid’s mag Cricket–of my youth).

In the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Rob Cline’s take.

Phone interview with Stephanie Wise for The Iowa Press Citizen.

Catherine Tingelstad (fantastic name!) has a short review in the Library Journal.

Anonymous at Publisher’s Weekly finds Sleight “strenuously pretentious.”  Contact me if you want the t-shirt.


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