this is what a bird is

It is pieces of bird in a bird-shape. If they are small enough, the pieces don’t need to be bird-pieces. If you cut up a bird with precise-enough tools, the shape is just a factor added on, as the body is wrapper for the soul, or like fashion. Below the level of the cell, the bird is molecular, and below the molecule, the bird is atomic, or possibly made of string. Maybe the bird is all bird-vibration. This is the part I like: all parts of every bird are in flight around the other parts. They arrow, flock, and migrate in bird-patterns that make it look like they are one-thing and not many things, that they are one-thing and not another thing. Pared down to constituency, split enough times, I too am a happy swarm. When I seem whole, it is just my parts, joying in their Kirsten-dance.