Strange season, this past one.  We colored yesterday and I napped some (odd for me).  Took a walk down through the unbustle of xmas day on Main Street.  Semi-surreal 4:30 sunset.  Some people eating at Green Leaf.  The boys played much Magic with Danny.  The stuffing was good.  The beat and spinach salad–better.  Kind of wishing it would snow.  Kind-of wishing is the feeling of the day. Koen’s and my handiwork below.

Oh… and a voracious reader wrote about Sleight on xmas.

…it’s about bodies and space and discipline. It’s about more than that, too: ambition and motivation and desire, and art’s relation to its subject matter and its audience, and family, and connections between people. It’s sometimes almost-frustratingly abstract, not-entirely-articulated; it’s got touches of magic that never get explained away, or explained at all. But mostly it’s delicious and engrossing, and the kind of book I don’t want to say too much about.