every day you are there.  I rarely make it across the room to you.  is that needy?

opening like a chrysanthemum, there is clearly too much of me and I start dropping my petticoats each day a little earlier in the afternoon.

humming is a detail of my distress.  a way to claim space a voice might fill.

the freezer drops icecubes. a violence in the house, this colding.

my son lost his tommygun on halloween making his mobster indistinguishable from his rabbi.

the square footage of a cottage is inversely proportional to the square footage of the world outside the cottage.  this may seem but is not actually self-evident.

I arrested myself.  I found myself uncooperative.  I resisted.  I performed brutality.  the video had people reacting across a spectrum: some said I deserved my actions, some thought with me that I had gone too far.