A bit of downtime at my friend Becca Waugh’s apartment after a supercool exchange at Soda Bar with Robin Grearson, John Haskell, and my new favorite–Roberta Allen.  (All hosted by the best guy in the whole world–John Woods and the gentlemanly Greg Gerke.)

Tonight– a reading at Bluestockings— 7pm on the lower east side.  Come!

Now to recount the blur that was last week:

  • On the 2nd, I read with the sweet Jenn Blair at Avid books in Atlanta… then spent a beautiful evening and morning with Sabrina Orah Mark, Reginald McKnight and unbelievable little man–Noah.  Went to BigCityBread, the first place I had ever been in Athens.
  • Next day to Atlanta and Agnes Scott College, where the fabulous Amber Dermont had primed her students for my visit–they came out in the pouring rain, bless them.  Amber has a book coming out from St. Marks that I can’t wait to read.  Rheinallt Jones joined us for dinner… as charming a scientist as I’ve ever met.  And I married one.
  • I got back to Philly just in time to drive up to Cape Cod with the kids and Danny.  On Saturday, I read with the hysterically brilliant Christian TeBordo, and Volkswagon King Chris Boucher joined us afterward for alcohol and cupcakes at the Duck and Bunny. Yes, you heard that correctly–the Duck and Bunny.

All in all a fantastic week.