photo-Leah MacDonald

Lovely strange week.  Visited Occupy Wall Street Monday (some seriously horizontally organized folk) before heading to Brooklyn for a reading at Unnameable Books. Wonderful dinner with John, Ginny, and stunning Nina Woods before I was surprised by two old friends–Bryan Schumann and Mark Intrieri… who I haven’t seen in years. Years. Nothing better.

Yesterday a poetry reading (Chapter & Verse series) with the fabulous Susana Gardner and my longlost Jenn McCreary.  I need to thank Ryan Eckes and Stan Mir for placing me in such amazing company.  I even wrangled a sleepover out of the deal (thank you Danny, and Caleb&Malcolm–for letting me borrow your mom).

Today is kicking around a soccer ball, soup-making, pumpkin-carving weather. So I am off to get to it.