So, last week was crazy.  First a mash-up structured improv performance with Miro Dance Theatre and TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb— my new favorite band. It was a blast and I got to hang out with Tobin and Amanda from Miro–and part of my Temple cohort– Beau Hancock. I also met dancers and musicians: Joy, Paul, Buffy, Josh, Dan, Dan, and Kevin. How’s this for a coincidence–one of the dancers has a 4 year old son named Lark. Seems a good omen for the tour.

Next was Chicago. The inestimable Adam Levin showed up to read and chat with me at Newberry Library, and I was thrilled to see so many supportive faces. My sister Taryn brought several dancers from Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, and the director of HSDC Glenn Edgerton made time in his insane schedule to come. John Seremak came in (thank you John!) to be there. Dan and Diane, my lovely cousins, drove up from Naperville. Tori Telfer from Cicada Magazine showed up and offered to interview me (which we did Friday over hot milk and cider, after my drive back from Iowa but before my flight). Old, old friends (Howard Chen), best friends of sisters (Julia and Rolando), new ones who feel old (Mikey Rioux), and ex-student-friends (Sam and Laura) came out to eat afterwards at Cooper’s. Every reading should have such a fantastic cast.

The next day I rented a car and drove 4 hours to Iowa City and spent some quality time at my old haunt Halsey Hall, home of the UIowa dance department and still home of loved professors Alan Sener and Armando Duarte. Professor emeritus Alicia Brown showed up to offer support at the fantastic Prairie Lights (which now serves wine!). This town, sequestered though it is, made my world bigger a long time ago, and still. Alan was an amazing tour guide and host, and took me, Tricia and Jessica (from Coffee House– who drove down from Minneapolis for the reading) to dinner. After the reading, Coffee House poet Chris Martin took us all to the Fox Head (oldest bar in IC?) for very cheap rounds.  I will say–Iowa is a good place.  I even saw the black angel– she looked after me for awhile.

photograph by richard hinton