the Miro mash-up last night was a blast.  The dancers (Joy, Beau, Buffy, and Paul) were uber-cool and generous, and the band–TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb– is my new favorite band.  Go to a show.  Really.  Amanda and Tobin were kind to let me throw words into the mix and see how they splattered.  And then see how I splattered, and also how I tasted (you’ll have to wait for the pix).

Today I am in Chicago with my lovely sister waiting to read with the amazing Adam Levin.  I lugged my copy of The Instructions here for him to sign.  No mean task.  I keep wanting to use slang from his book, but I know I’d just sound, well, like a bancer.  Ah well.  That’s how non-11-year-olds sound I guess.   Tis what tis.